Research Paper

Overcoming Taiwan's Diplomatic Dilemma via Environmental Education Strategy: The GEEP


Yi-Hsuan Hsu 許毅璿

Published on: December 2017

DOI: 10.6555/JEER.13.2.001

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2017 vol.13 no.2 pp.1-10


The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) is a subproject supported by the Taiwan-US bilateral environmental cooperation agreement between Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan and the U.S. EPA. This article is mainly to state the positioning, mission, goals and strategic plans of the GEEP, as well as the history of its development since 2014. In October 2017, the 8th GEEP meeting in Washington, DC, coincided with the "Tbilisi+40," was gathered about 30 environmental education experts and scholars from 15 countries, with the theme of "Imagining a World" to launch a call for action. This advocacy is asking the international environmental education community to take stock of where we are as a field and think ahead to the future through 10 actions.


「全球環境教育夥伴」(The Global Environmental Education Partnership, GEEP)是我國行政院環境保護署(EPA Taiwan)與美國環境保護署(U.S. EPA)間一項臺美互惠環保合作協定下的子計畫之一。本文主要在於闡述GEEP的定位、使命、目標及策略,以及自2014年啟動至今的發展歷程。2017年10月在美國華盛頓特區舉辦的第八次GEEP會議,適逢《伯利西宣言》40周年,來自15個國家約30位環境教育專家學者,以「想像一個世界」為主軸,發起行動號召,希望國際社會透過10項行動方案,讓全球關心未來的人共同參與環境教育。