Research Paper

Exploring In-service Teachers' Perspectives in Implementing Outdoor Environmental Education


Judith Chen-Hsuan Cheng 鄭辰旋, Ivy Haoyin Hsieh 謝顥音, & Yu-Chi Tseng 曾鈺琪

Published on: December 2017

DOI: 10.6555/JEER.13.2.111

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2017 vol.13 no.2 pp.111-137


As the Environmental Education Act has taken effect in 2011, schools are mandatory to offer four-hour environmental education (EE) courses for teachers and students in Taiwan. The Ministry of Education began to promote outdoor education since 2015, which emphasized outdoor learning in EE facilities certificated by Environmental Protection Administration. Because of these policies, more and more schools struggled to develop quality outdoor environmental education (OEE). Thus, this qualitative study aims to explore teachers' perspectives in implementing OEE in order to assist them to develop better OEE teaching activities. Data were collected through focus group interviews and grounded theory was used to analyze data. Four major themes were found to represent teachers' perspectives in implementing OEE. It is concluded that if more resources, such as teaching strategies, financial support, and personnel are provided, more teachers will be willing to be involved in professional development and, thus, form a community of OEE.



Keyword: in-service teachers, outdoor environmental education, teachers' perspective, 在職教師, 戶外環境教育, 教師觀點