Research Paper

Influence of Teaching Experiences and Perception of Plausibility on Senior-High-School Teachers’ Teaching Interest in Climate Change and the Confirmation of Mediation Effect of Self-Efficacy


Yu-Chi Tseng曾鈺琪

Published on: December 2020

DOI: 10.6555/JEER.16.2.047

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2020 vol.16 no.2 pp.47-82


The United Nations proposed climate action as one of the sustainable development goals in 2015. In the recent enforcement of new curriculum guidelines of twelve-year basic education in Taiwan, climate change was designated as important learning topics in science education and environmental education as well. Although the international trends and domestic educational reform have made climate change an important and urgent educational issue, previous studies seldom surveyed the real teaching situations at middle school system. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to combine Bandura’s theory on Self-efficacy and the concept of Plausibility from cognitive psychology and to explore the relationships among Taiwanese senior-high-school teachers’ teaching experiences, perception of plausibility, self-efficacy and interest in teaching climate change at school. Through quota sampling, we surveyed 649 teachers who taught subjects in biology, earth science, geography, living technology, civic and social education. We also adapted two scales- Climate Change Education Teacher Efficacy Belief Instrument and Plausibility Perceptions Measure for climate change to collect data. The result of regression-approach path analysis showed that the nine hypotheses were all supported. For teacher self-efficacy, the best predictor was the diversity of successful pedagogy teachers used in the previous teaching. Meanwhile, the best predictor to teaching interest was teachers’ perception of plausibility to climate change knowledge. In addition, teacher’s self-efficacy was confirmed to completely or partially mediate teachers’ pedagogy diversity, diversity of professional development, and perception of plausibility to teaching interest. Based on what we have found, we provided suggestions for future research and educational practices for climate change education.



Keyword: perception of plausibility, senior-high-school teachers, climate change education, teacher self-efficacy, 合理性覺知, 高中教師, 氣候變遷教育, 教師自我效能