Research Paper

A Study on the Re-Certification System for Environmental Educators in Taiwan Environmental Education Act (2011-2020)


Chien Chuang 莊潔, Trai-Shar Kao 高翠霞

Published on: June 2021

DOI: 10.6555/JEER.17.1.001

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2021 vol.17 no.1 pp.1-48


Environmental educators, facilities and venues, and training institutions constitute the three essential features in the certification systems of Taiwan's Environmental Education (EE) Act. This Act has been implemented since 2011. Documents and experiences, therefore, have been sufficient for a systematical review on the current status of the policies and their executions. The re-certification system for environmental educators was the major research subject in this qualitative study, being analyzed with established theories of adult learning and educators' professional development (PD). To deeply understand the current status of the system and the PD activities, data were collected primarily from government database from 2011 to 2020 and minutes of an expert review meeting, and compared with interview transcripts. The findings show an uneven distribution of certified educators in the certification channels or in their professional fields; a peak in the application rate in 2015, which unfortunately has been in decline since 2016; a sharp decline in the passing rate after 2019; loopholes in EE Act, in view of the fact that some certified educators would rather re-apply for a new certification than carry on the re-certification process every five years; PD curriculum and activities for re-certification lack a structured framework. Discussion on PD curricular design and implement have also been made in both formal and non-formal contexts. Suggestions for EE re-certification are as follows: establishing competency guidelines and learning passports for PD, encouraging learner autonomy as well as cooperative learning, promoting public EE facilities and venues to be the supportive examples of re-certification, establishing a certification grading system, and developing a database of professionals.



Keyword: re-certification, professional development, Environmental Education Act, environmental educators, 認證展延, 專業發展, 環境教育法, 環境教育人員