Research Paper

A Study on the Characteristics of Teaching Materials and Elements to Facilitate Learning - before and after the Teaching Transformation using the Climate Change Board Game


Hui-Lin Chih 池惠琳, Yu-Jie Chang 張育傑

Published on: March 2022

DOI: 10.6555/JEER.17.2.047

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2021 vol.17 no.2 pp.47-88


Due to the geographical and geological factors, earthquakes and typhoons occur frequently in Taiwan, and extreme weather also increases the frequency and scale of disasters. Both the central and local governments, as well as the general public, must have sufficient climate change literacy to cope with the increasing frequency of various extreme weather caused by global warming in the future. In the face of climate change, scientists have proposed that "mitigation" and "adaptation" are equally important; in addition to strengthening energy conservation and carbon reduction, the public must also be taught to understand the impact of climate change and know how to adapt. However, the scientific knowledge about climate change impacts and adaptation has a certain level of breadth and depth, which is one of the main reasons why it is not easy to promote them in the elementary school education. Environmental education is implemented in the curriculum of various subjects at the elementary level. Through a variety of curriculum activities, students can internalize the connotation of environmental education in their own learning during their daily studies. This research applies a climate change risk game developed by Boston University and the Red Cross team. The teaching goals have been formulated for the game and transformed into a curriculum. The study evaluates the characteristics of the game, learning effectiveness, and the influence of the characteristics of the teacher on learning effectiveness. This research uses self-compiled questionnaires as a research tool. The total number of effective samples recovered is 59. The results of the data analysis show that teachers of different backgrounds agree that carrying out the game improves the literacy of climate change adaptation and achieves the designed learning objectives. After the teaching objectives and debriefing discussion were disclosed, teachers of different backgrounds believed that it could significantly improve the quality of teaching materials and the learning effectiveness of students. Whether people with promotion experiences using board games have significant differences in the characteristics of teaching materials and the evaluation of learning effectiveness. There are also significant differences in the quality of teaching materials and the evaluation of learning effectiveness as to whether the research subject is a teacher, the number of years in teaching and the position held by the teacher.


臺灣因地理與地質因素,地震及颱風發生頻繁,極端天氣亦將加劇災害發生之頻率及規模。無論是中央、地方政府以及一般民眾,皆須具備足夠氣候變遷素養,以因應未來因全球暖化所造成各種不同極端氣候發生頻率增加的效應。面對氣候變遷,科學家提出「減緩」與「調適」是一樣重要的措施;除了加強節能減碳以減緩外,也要教導民眾認知氣候變遷帶來的影響,並積極調適,缺一不可。然而,氣候變遷衝擊、調適所涉及科學知識有相當程度的深度與廣度,此為國小教育推廣不易的主因之一。 環境教育的課程在國小階段是以融合在各科的課程中實施,透過各種不同的課程活動,讓學生能在平日學習當中將環境教育的內涵內化在自己的學習裡。本研究以美國波士頓大學與紅十字會所發展的某一氣候變遷風險遊戲為藍本,針對該遊戲擬定適當的教學目標,轉化為一教學設計,透過教學者評估該遊戲的教材特質與影響的學生學習的學習要素產生什麼變化。 本研究係採量化研究為主,運用自編問卷為研究工具,以便利性抽樣方式進行,總計回收有效樣本數為59份。經資料分析結果顯示,不同背景的教學者均認同以轉化前的遊戲運用在推廣上,會有助於提升氣候變遷調適的素養、達成原先所設定的潛在目的。遊戲經由設定明確的教學目標,以及引導討論與規則修訂等教學轉化後,接受調查的教學者多認為可以顯著提升教材特質及促進學習要素。是否有運用桌遊推廣經驗者對於教材特質及促進學習要素具顯著差異。而受試者是否為教師身分、教師任教的年資及擔任職務等,亦在教材特質及促進學習要素具顯著差異。

Keyword: Board games, Climate change, Adaptation, 桌上遊戲, 氣候變遷, 調適